Aug 24, 2009

The Mother Road

This time,we open "THE MOTHER ROAD".

"THE MOTHER ROAD" is a place to enjoy atmosphere.

Snapshots,talk,and relaxin' . :P
We recommend to change your time "SUNSET".

==Please read rules carefully.==
1. Don't be nudity.
2. Don't use weapon.(includes any pushing)
3. Don't begging.

If you can't accept these rules,we will use BAN.

If you love here,
please give donation for maintenance.
(Donation jar is set in our diner)
It will happy to us and we will use it for making more cool stuff.

Enjoy here!!

Aug 11, 2009

Ultra Lowrise Denim

Now we released "Ultra lowrise Denim(for Ladies)"

Tanga(Under wear) is bandled!!

Ladies,Please visit our store!!

Aug 3, 2009

New! Bowling shirt

Now we release Cooooool Bowling shirt!!!

Includes: Jacket,Shirts,sculpted collar ,and Sleeves!!
Please come to watch our works :)

Jul 30, 2009

Free 8 Ball Key-Holder

I have a little wish.
If you have “flickr ” id , please send me contact.
Please join our update group.(inviter ready at my store) .
Love our store!! :)

Please visit with your friends :P

Jul 25, 2009

New!! Dog-Tag

You can select from Menu.

Jul 2, 2009

New White T-shirts

This time we released "White T-Shirts".(Unisex)

Do you think it is too simple?
I don't think so. :P
You can show tatoo or underwear with this shirt.

I think it so cooool :)

2type shirts(Transparent,No Transparent).
2type jacket(Transparent,No Transparent).
2type inner pants(Transparent,No Transparent).
Sleeve parts(for male, for female)

Jun 22, 2009

Bkini Poster

Our "Bkini" include back straps (Sculpted).
This isn't T-Back Style.
But cute and sexy. :P

Jun 20, 2009

Our Bikini and Denim-Shorts

This time, we released Bikini and Denim-Shorts.
Bikini(250L$ each) : Includes Shirt ,Underwear and Backstrap (Sculpted)

Denim shorts: It looks like old vintage denim :)

Please visit our store.

May 10, 2009

Leather Bracelet

Now we released "Leather Bracelet"

Msize(for Male)
Ssisze(for Female)

Please visit and get cool lookin' ! :)

May 6, 2009

Portable Record Player

This time we released "Portable Record Player" !(No sound function XD)
for your cool house or garden.


Apr 9, 2009

"Dress up kit for Stinger" Released!

This time, we released "[GARAGE R.H.]Dress up kit for Stinger".

These are detail parts for "Stinger".
*This parts is installed in your pelvis.


These product were collaborated with "Artilleri"!!
It include illustration by "Artilleri"

Head-light: On&off changeable when click.
Horn: The sound is emitted when click.
Tail-light: You can change blink when click.

You can watch at
Artilleri ver. :

GARAGE R.H. ver:

Apr 6, 2009

You can buy "Stinger" at "Artilleri".

This time we set the"Stinger Vender " at "Artilleri".
Everybody can buy it at "Artilleri" :)

Please enjoy shopping with cool stuffs!

artilleri mainstore:

Of course we ready at our main shop, too. XD

Apr 4, 2009

Our Outfits

Please visit our store, and try it on. (We ready free DEMO)

[Hair] / [UncleWebStudio] Uw.St Lucio-Hair size-L Cacao
[Jacket]/ [GARAGE R.H.]Souvenir Jacket
[tattoo] /[ Garden of Ku] Rock&Beers
[pants] / [GARAGE R.H.]Old Stock Denim

Apr 3, 2009

Our "Camisole"

This time, we introduce "Camisole".


Fatpack:400L$(2types each include 3colors)

We ready DEMO(Free)!
Please try it on :)

Apr 2, 2009

"Stinger" meets "artilleri"

Our "Stinger" is displayed at "artilleri".

"artilleri" is very famous shop in SL.
We feel honor so much!

[Artilleri] Main Store

We ready DEMO of "Stinger".
Please visit our store!

[GARAGE R.H.] Main Store

Apr 1, 2009

My favorite one

This shirt made by "artilleri".
That store is my favorite one.

If you like good old America,you must go "artilleri". :)

Where to buy?

[Artilleri] Main Store

"Old Stock Denim" Image

Our "Old Stock Denim".
Please try it on!

[GARAGE R.H.] Main Store

Our shop image

Our shop:)

We make "Motorized wagon cart","Furniture"and"clothes".
Please visit!

[GARAGE R.H.] Main Store